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Our agar is made soft so that it melts in your mouth.
Bean paste and rich brown sugar syrup are perfectly blended with the agar. Plumply cooked akaendo beans and tender gyuhi rice cakes are served with the agar. The gentle harmony of the different layers of texture hasn’t changed since the early days of the shop.
Anmitsu was introduced in the 1930’s in Tokyo. Our first master adopted high quality ingredients for Kyoto confectionery to Anmitsu and gave birth to Kyoto Anmitsu.
Ever since, Anmitsu has been our signature dish.

  • Anmitsu with Ice Cream1250
  • Anmitsu950
  • Mitsumame900
  • Tokoroten
    with Brown Sugar Syrup or Soy Sauce and Vinegar850
  • Kid’s Mitsumame with Ice Cream700

*Mistumame is Red Beans and Agar with Brown Sugar Syrup.
*Tokoroten is Strip Gelidium Jelly.

クリーム白玉あんみつ Seasonal Anmitsu with Ice Cream and Japanese Rice-Flour Dumpling
月ヶ瀬 あんみつ Tsukigase Anmitsu

Awa Zenzai

Awa Zenzai is a dish with steamed millet kneaded in rice cakes with a hot strained bean paste topping.
Offering a popping texture, the nutritious and rustic Awa rice cakes are paired with smooth warm red bean paste.

  • Awa Zenzai1200
  • Matcha Awa Zenzai1350
あわぜんざい Awa Zenzai
抹茶あわぜんざい Matcha Awa Zenzai

Cold Dishes

  • Matcha Ice Cream Parfait1250
  • Zenzai with Ice Cream and
    Japanese Rice-Flour Dumpling1050
  • Cold Zenzai
    with Japanese Rice-Flour Dumpling950
  • Cold Shiruko
    with Japanese Rice-Flour Dumpling1050
  • Kid’s Perfait700

*Zenzai is Coarse Red Bean Soup
*Shiruko is Strained Red Bean Soup

抹茶クリームパフェ Matcha Ice Cream Parfait

Summer Menu – Shaved Ice

  • Shaved Ice with Matcha Syrup
    With Condensed Milk, Sweet Red Bean and Matcha Ice Cream1300
  • Shaved Ice with Brown Sugar Syrup1050
  • Shaved Ice
    with Matcha Syrup and Sweet Red Bean1050
  • Shaved Ice
    with Condensed Milk and Sweet Red Bean1050
  • Shaved Ice
    with Sugar Syrup and Sweet Red Bean950
  • Shaved Ice with Anmitsu1300
  • Shaved Ice with Lemon Ginger1200
  • Shaved Ice with Tsukigase Plum Syrup1200
黒蜜氷 Shaved Ice with Brown Sugar Syrup

Winter Menu

  • Kameyama
    (Sweet Red Beans over Rice Cake)1100
  • Kuri Zenzai
    (Zenzai with sweet boiled chestnuts)1150
  • Zenzai
    (Coarse sweet bean paste, with soup)1050
  • Shiruko
    (Soup of smooth sweet red bean paste)1050
  • Matcha Shiruko1200
ぜんざい Zenzai

Rice Cakes

  • Isobe Rice Cake
    *Soy Base950
  • Abekawa Rice Cake
    *Sweetened Soybean Flour Base950
いそべ餅 Isobe Rice Cake *Soy Base

Light Meals

  • Dim Sum
    *Served at the Sakaimachi store only.
    *Please reserve at least one day before.
  • Small Dim Sum
点心 Dim Sum

Set Menu

  • Sweet Red Bean Soup Set1350
  • Rice Cake Set1350
  • Shaved Ice Set1450
かき氷セット Shaved Ice Set


  • Matcha Green Tea (Hot)700
  • Coffee (Hot/Iced)650
  • Iced Green Tea750
  • Iced Green Tea Float900
  • Plum Soda with homemade pickled plum
    from Tsukigase800
  • Organic Black Tea from Tsukigase, Nara700
お薄 Matcha Green Tea (Hot)

Our Commitment
Features of Tsukigase

All ingredients at Tsukigase including agar, bean paste, beans, brown sugar syrup, and gyuhi rice cakes are prepared by hand by a single master confectionery chef.
The ingredients such as dainagon azuki bean from Tamba, brown sugar from Hateruma, Okinawa, akaendo bean from Tokachi, Hokkaido, and strip agar from Yamaoka, Gifu are carefully selected from the areas most suitable for their production.